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The website by Ooshio Hiroko, containing her art, music, personal diary on her own feelings, politics of economy of Japan and the world.

The ideas[]

The music[]

The diary[]

The diary begins 1998, with a question "Why?" [1]:

1998/12-1999/02 .

Why ?


Now 1998 December 19....a.m.3:30.
I do my job still.
I want the person who is able to speak in the good time of my circumstances.
Is it here someone? Do you like me really?
You should be in my place without fail if you say "YES".
I am seeing the action of the male that thinks me seriously.
There is not the male who confessed love to me yet.
I want Confessing love to me early.
Males do not think me.
Teach me!
Why do not the males write my thought here?

Why do not you see my true heart?

Gradually, it discuss more and more about finances, statistics of economy and politics. [2]

Political views[]

Form of promotion[]

The author promoted the website through messengers, such as ICQ, claiming to be searching for a soulmate, and this way luring the visitors to her website with her personal diary.