Inyuki is my nickname on the net. I created it somewhere in the year 2001. One day, together with my classmates I was in one party in a countryside, where I got to know a one classmate's relative. One of the subjects we talked with her was the infant speech [the way children interestingly pronunce the words]. We were trying to remember various words and phrases. That relative remembered about a child of another relative, a child named "Indrė". Indrė being a child pronunced her name incorrectly, as "Iniuki". As my surname "Indriūnas" is similar with the name "Indrė", AND the word "iniuki" sounded like Japanese, I have got an idea to nickname myself "Inyuki" on the net. People frequently think that this nickname is Japanese origin, but it is not, and it may mean not more than "Indrė" (A Lithuanian name, which is said to have been originated from the word "nendrė" (en.: reed)). Japanese would sometimes also ask me, what does it mean. One Japanese interpreted it nicely as "inu yuki" (犬雪: dog + snow). In another place on the internet I found that there is a real Japanese name "In yuki" (韵雪: rhyme + snow). Inyuki 2006-07-17 08:30 (EEST)

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