Concept Wiki
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Welcome to the Concept Wiki!

Q: What's the difference from a dictionary?
A: Dictionaries index words, we create iwords.

Here is how to use this web site:

1. When you are writing an e-mail or a website, and want to make it clear which sense of the word you mean, simply type into the address bar the following type of link specifying the word or phrase you intend to use:[WORD][ID]

2. Choose the Your_word_or_phrase to be any word or phrase that you wish to clarify. Choose the ID to be the smallest natural number that is not yet used, and type in your definition. Then, open the link, enter your definition, save it, and link it to your word to the definition with a hyperlink in your original document.

3. If you use MediaWiki sites, you can conveniently link a word using the following sytnax:


Note 1: the site is under development. I plan to automatize the process of collecting the definitions into a single umbrella pages such as word or intelligence, so you could look up weather the definition that you indended isn't yet present in the wiki.

Note 2: I recommend you to look for definitions in website, or in Google before you create your own ones, because it may be faster for you, and more accurate.

Note 3: There are analogous wikis in other languages (currently Lithuanian and Japanese). You may contribute to them separately, but once you found equivalent definitions referring to exactly the same concept, link them by adding one of the following kind of links:


to the bottom of each of the respective pages to create the mappings between equivalent concepts defined in different languages.

This way, you we will be matching the concepts, and will be effectively creating standardized meanings for words or Definitionary, which is the basis for having Language Independent Documents. I hope I will have time to soon introduce a JavaScript that queries this wiki, and provides you the possibility to embed the links to definitions as you type.