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Introduction to Concept wikia[]

"This wiki will be the repository for indexing the definitions of words and names the way You use them on the Net, be it common definitions from dictionaries, or your own ones."

When writing something on the internet, and trying to put your thoughts as short as possible, we may frequently want to leave the explanations, and definitions of the meanings somewhere else to make the main message shorter and more straightforward. That requires linking to various dictionaries, or keeping the definitions somewhere. Sometimes, if you cannot find that specific meaning you want to use a word, or it may be a way only personally you understand something, your personal experience, your personal point of view.

What-ever the case, you are welcome to use this wiki to use existing definitions or write down your own definitions to clarify the text as you type it. If you want to type a word with your own defintion, simply start from trying

If there is no word, the space is free for you to use for whatever meaning you intend your word as you type it. Simply type in, or search for the appropriate word in the dictionary such as and copy the definition, save it, and then simply link your word to the newly created web address.

If there is a word, however, you cannot use the Your_word_(1) space for your own word. You should find the smallest ID for Your_word_(ID) that is not yet occupied, and use it.

Since most words have only few homonyms, depending on popularity of the word, start from trying out smaller or larger IDs to find the largest ID that is already used.

If you are interested in the project, you can add yourself to the mailing list:

--Inyuki 23:51, August 22, 2006 (UTC)