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Earlier thinking 1[]

Once we have many concepts here on this wiki, let us try to think of universal syntax: a framework within which we could use words of any human language in one sentence. For example, if we had a special visual particle, such as, for example, 21.gif, having a certain meaning defined by sentences.... for example:

Something that follows before the symbol 21.gif is something
to which the thing that follows after the symbol belongs to.

For example, A 21.gif B means that the B,
which is the subset of A......................

then we could create sentences where A and B are writing in any language....

Creating such set of words would be equivalent to creating a computer language, in a sense that each such word like the 21.gif would have to be defined very carefully, and logically flawlessly. However, there musn't be many such special words that everyone should know. Computer languages such as Python require a very small number of special keywords.

After introducing a set of such symbols, we could get a framework, within which we could use words of any language to construct new meaning, new sentences and ideas, which could then be read and understood by everyone just by substituting these words (such as A and B) with their exact equivalents in other languages.

Writing in such language would be easy, because you could use the words of your own language (or any other language that you know) without worrying that others would not understand them!

Further thinking 1[]

These grammatical bases are explained here:

Further thinking 2[]

Look at the minimal grammar here: